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Common Questions for former Ascencia Customers

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General Questions

What is your routing number?

Our routing number is 083903894. This number may be used for all accounts, including both for ACH transfers, and wire transfers. We do not have a SWIFT code.

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How do I make deposits at your bank?

There are four ways you can deposit funds into your PBI Bank account.

  1. Direct deposited into your account. You will need the routing number of 083903894 and your account number.
  2. Mail your deposit (with a deposit slip) to: PBI Bank, PO Box 436029, Louisville, KY 40253. Please make checks payable to the name on the account.
  3. Automated Clearing House (ACH) or bank to bank transfers can be set up by logging into your online banking account and completing the required verification steps.
  4. Wire money directly from another bank. The sending institution will need our routing number (083903894) and your account number. If the wire transfer will fund a new account, you can use your application number or Social Security number.

*Please note, we do not accept ATM Deposits*

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Account Questions

What is the limit for withdrawals on my ATM/Debit card?

You are able to withdraw $500.00 in a 24 hour period using your card.

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