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Shazam Fraud Information

Fraud Terms Defined

Phishing refers to e-mails sent to your cardholders to trick them into providing personal information that fraudsters use to perform fraudulent transactions.

Pharming refers to fraudulent attempts on the part of attackers to redirect a Web site’s traffic to a bogus Web site. Victims end up at the bogus site without any visible indicator of a discrepancy.

Vishing is a combination of the words voice and phishing and is similar to phishing, but with the use of voice or telephone services instead of e-mail. These scams occur when a fraudster poses as someone wanting personal information from the cardholder such as PINs or passwords. There are reports of vishers leaving voice messages requesting a call back to a fraudulent toll-free number where someone can provide his or her personal information. The voice message may identify a specific local financial institution and indicate that personal accounts have been frozen.

Mishing is a combination of the words mobile phone and phishing. Fraudsters may call someone’s mobile phone or leave a message asking for personal information such as PINs or passwords, or ask the person they are contacting to provide personal information to verify a purchase. It is especially important to note that using a mobile phone keypad or keyboard to type personal information may provide the fraudster with the ability to record the information given to them.

About the Shazam Debit Card/ATM Card

The PBI Bank Shazam Debit and ATM card provides easy access to funds and prevents you from having to write a check for purchases. It can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted or as an ATM card to access cash. If your card is lost or stolen, or if you believe someone may have used it without authorization, please contact your PBI Branch immediately. If it is after normal business hours, please call 1.800.537.5427.

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