Treasury Services

PBI Bank offers a range of treasury and cash management services designed to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. From expediting your payment processing to simplifying check deposits, our services can save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your business.


Remote Deposit Capture

With Remote Deposit Capture, you’ll never again spend valuable time making a trip to the bank or ATM to deposit a check. We’ll provide your business with a scanner that can be used to remotely deposit checks, all from the convenience of your office.

If Remote Deposit Capture isn’t right for your business, ask about our other remote deposit options with small businesses in mind.


ACH Origination

Simplify your payments and cut printing and mailing costs by taking advantage of our ACH Origination service. We’ll send your payments out electronically so that you won’t have to worry about writing and mailing paper checks.

ACH Origination is also available for direct deposit payroll and invoice drafts.


Wire Transfer

Transfer funds both domestically and internationally directly from your PBI account with our wire transfer service.


Positive Pay

Positive Pay significantly reduces your business’ risk of check fraud by matching issued checks with those presented for payment. This can save your company the time and money normally spent chasing down funds from fraudulent checks.



Our Sweep account is a great way for businesses to most efficiently utilize their cash. At the end of each business day, we’ll move excess funds from your account to a higher interest investment option or to your line of credit, which will save you money and help create additional financial stability for your company.


Online Bill Pay

Never miss a payment again because you forgot to mail the check. Our online bill pay portal allows you to pay your bills online and also set up monthly recurring payments to expedite disbursements.

Our Small Business Bill Pay option even allows you to pay a limited number of employees through direct deposit.