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True convenience. Real value. We've simplified banking with high-yielding accounts, low fees and cost saving services.

Advantage Checking

Finally, a checking account that comes equipped with every advantage. PBI Bank's Advantage Checking offers financial, security, health, travel and a number of other exciting benefits, including more than $900 in annual savings. Visit one of our banking centers today to take advantage of these great incentives.

Free Checking

Find true freedom, and gain simplicity in managing your money with the basics of this checking account.

Regular Checking

Designed for customers who are looking for, "just the basics," this solid, dependable checking account provides easy access to funds and a low minimum daily balance requirement. Stop by one of our branches today to take advantage of these great features!

Performance Checking

Watch your money grow with this tiered-interest checking account.

Money Market Investment

This account offers a higher rate of interest as your account balance increases. Sit back and watch your interest grow as your account balance grows.

Personal Savings

This simple savings plan allows you to earn a competitive rate of interest on your money from the date of deposit until the date of withdrawal.

Christmas Club

Don't wait until the holidays hit to think about the money you'll need to buy gifts, throw a party or travel to see a loved one. It's never too early to start saving. Take advantage of this special, short-term savings account to save money all year long and ensure you have what you need when the holidays arrive.

Personal CDs

Our FDIC Insured Certificates of Deposit (CDs) allow you to earn a competitive interest rate without sacrificing your peace of mind. Stop by one of our branches today to take advantage of our premium offerings!

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