You will not receive an unsolicited call or e-mail from PBI Bank requesting personal information, such as your date of birth, Social Security Number, account number, or debit card number. If you receive such a call or e-mail, please notify us by calling 877-369-2265, or sending an e-mail to

Reporting Fraud

To report suspected fraud related to your PBI Bank account(s), contact our Customer Resource Center at 877-369-2265 or

If you become a victim of identity theft, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Close any affected account(s) and open new account(s).
  • File a police report with local law enforcement.
  • Report the suspected identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission by calling 877-438-4338 or submit a complaint online.
  • Review your credit report carefully. A free copy may be obtained each year through
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit file by contacting one of the consumer reporting agencies listed below:

Educate and Protect Yourself

The following third party resources are provided to help you educate and protect yourself from fraud and identity theft:

SHAZAM BOLT$ is a free downloadable tool, for iOS and Android devices, provided to our customers to help prevent debit card fraud. The app also allows you to place a temporary block on your card using a mobile device or computer, enabling you to prevent unauthorized charges from being approved.Once enrolled, you can receive 24/7 email alerts for any potentially fraudulent activity, including:

  • Purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds
  • Card-not-present debit transactions via phone, Internet, or mail
  • Suspicious or high-risk transactions
Download the SHAZAM BOLT$ user guide here.

FDIC Consumer Protection - This Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) site provides resources for protecting your finances, understanding financial privacy, and avoiding identity theft and fraud.

OnGuardOnline - is a federal government website that provides you resources to be safe, secure, and responsible online. The Federal Trade Commission manages in partnership with several federal agencies.

Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Center - This Federal Trade Commission site provides information on identity theft and how to minimize your potential for becoming a victim.

Business Customers – Corporate Account Takeover

These Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) guidelines are provided to help PBI Bank’s business customers better protect themselves when utilizing electronic banking activities. These guidelines are provided to increase awareness of the risks and how to better protect your business, detect potential incidents, and respond to recognized incidents. While PBI Bank strongly encourages the implementation of these guidelines, it makes no representations or guarantees that the guidelines are all-inclusive or that they will actually prevent losses as a result of CATO. PBI Bank encourages its business customers to seek the advice of legal counsel, IT staff, and other consultants in implementing safeguards against CATO.